1. Can I book a specific amount of time in the studio to spread out one of my 7 days over several days?
    No. That would mean that we would have to set up for several different musicians and bands in one day. In order save the time, we only do full days. The engineer has to be there 10 hours every day that you book, and you can stay longer if you want. As we grow funding, we will expand the hours.
  2. Can I bring my own engineer?
    Yes, but his cost is not covered by the membership, he has to be approved by us and he is still not allowed to handle equipment without the approval of our own engineer.
  3. Is mixing and mastering included in the membership service?
    These services will be made available as we grow the pool together. Right now, we can cover light mixing, but for heavier projects we will refer you to other studios, though the price for that is not included in your membership.
  4. Is there producing assistance and song arrangement if needed?
    Yes, we can totally help you with producing and arranging your music.
  5. Are musicians available if I need someone for my project?
    Yes, we have in-house musicians. We can also arrange for other musicians to come and help, but some of them might have fees that are not covered in the membership.
  6. How do I communicate with the musicians who are in the pool?
    His Musician Pool Members private group on Facebook.
  7. Who can I bring with me when I record?
    You may bring as many people as you want (family, friends, other musicians, photographers) during the day, but we only have 8 sleeping spots in the studio for an overnight stay. Anyone who enters the studio will need to sign the liability waiver and they will only be able to come with you since you are the member.
  8. Can I stay longer if the studio is still not booked after I finish my 7 days in a row and I need more time to finish my project?
    If you need more time, your first option is to buy two memberships so you have 14 days to record. But since every case is different, we can add days at our discretion for an additional rate.
  9. How much time do I get and where?
    As a musician, you are given 7 full days in the studio. The SONGWRITING rooms are available up to 3 days in a row, whenever you want upon availability in the booking calendar. After those 3 days, you may stay longer if no one is booked after you.