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Welcome to His Musician Pool!

Joining His Musician Pool means so much more than membership within an organization: you are becoming a part of a community. We are a community of collaborative worshipers and songwriters who seek to glorify Jesus in our gifting by writing and releasing new songs. His Musician Pool is redefining the recording industry by allowing songwriters to release their creativity without the pressures of limited time and finances.

What does membership include?

– Use of our Songwriting Labs: You will have access to two bookable songwriting labs where you can work on songs alone or write/rehearse with your band.

Scheduled Access to Bridge Studio: When your songs are ready to record, you can schedule time in our large 2400ft2 professional recoding studio. Our studio features a large live room and two additional ISO rooms. The control room is large enough to comfortably fit the whole band, enabling band members to work alongside the audio engineers and producers in a relaxed and creative environment. There is also a full kitchen, bathroom, shower and sleeping area, providing artists and their teams with the convenience of staying days at a time to complete their project.

– Use of our in-house engineers and producers: Our in-house staff are here to help you schedule time in the studio and make your songs come to life.

– Access to our Property: Although the studio itself is an exceptional venue, His Musician Pool offers members more than just recording services. As a member, you will have access to an environment that immerses you in nature’s beauty. You and your team will be able to come and enjoy our 64-acre property with its woodlands, meadows, gardens, and pond. You can take time to come and pursue rejuvenating outdoor activities such as songwriting in nature, fishing, camping, hiking, and fellowshipping around the bonfire.

 – Affordable Mixing and Mastering: At this time the mixing and mastering of your songs is not included in the membership package. However, we offer mixing and mastering at discounted rates to make the process more affordable for you.
Mixing and Mastering Price per Song: $150.00
Mixing and Mastering Price per 5 songs: $600.00
Mixing and Mastering Price for addition songs after 5: $100.00 per song.

How Many Days Can I Record?

Upon signing up after orientation the Songwriter agrees to raise the value of $80 in monthly partners until then they are only allowed 1 day to record.  After the reoccurring amount is raised recording will be unlimited based on a project by project basis. This assures that His Musician Pool will remain funded, and will help to grow the community, and sustain and offset the cost of recording. Projects can include anything from releasing a single to recording an EP or full length album. Once you feel that your project is ready to record, you can review it with one of our in-house engineers. They will then decide how many days you will need in the studio to record your project (allowing for more time as needed). Once your project is finished, we encourage you to keep writing songs. When you’re ready for the next project, just let our sound engineers know and they’ll help you book more time. This means the more songs you write the more you can record!

What does membership cost?

Membership only costs $40 per month, on top of $80 per month that the member must raise in donations on behalf of His Musician Pool in order to access unlimited recording in the studio.

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How can we record for free?

His Musician Pool is supported financially through one-time or monthly donations from private partners who have hearts to see Christian songwriters released in their callings; and we raise these donors as a community. The members are given tools such as explanatory videos, articles and material to make the sharing and raising up of partners easier for them.

As stated above, His Musician Pool is first and foremost a community of songwriters. The attitude therefore is one of preferring one another, which means that the main goal is for songs to arise. We want to bring forth people who are not just looking to advance themselves and their own career, but who also work together for the good of the community. As a part of this effort, it is mandatory for the members to raise partners; this helps raise the money necessary for His Musician Pool’s program. In an effort to increase our financial partners our Songwriters are allowed 1 day of recording at first, and then after the Songwriter raises $80 a month in partners they will be granted unlimited recording time on a project by project basis. We are also asking for the active participation of our members in communicating with our partners via sharing media, videos, and writing thank you cards that we can send to our donors. 

Additional Policies:

  • Access to the studio and songwriting rooms must be scheduled in advance, using the scheduling tool on the His Musician Pool website.
  • The member will own all rights to his/her compositions, and is free to sell them for his/her own support.
  • The member will agree to allow His Musician Pool’s financial partners a one-time download of each new composition free of charge from a private page on the His Musician Pool website.
  • Cancelation Fee – Members are expected to honor a 1 year commitment. We understand, however, that situations can change. You can cancel you membership early, but there will be a cancelation fee equivalent to 1/2 the balance that you still owe for the yearly membership. ie. One year costs $480, if you cancel six months in you would have $240 remaining to pay; this means your cancelation fee would equal $120.

We want to see you, as a singer/songwriter, released into your calling. We believe the unique structure of the Musician Pool will serve as a springboard to your success, and to the building up of the Body of Christ overall.

If you have any questions pertaining to becoming a member please email us at:

Sign Me Up!

Signing up to become a member is simple! Simply apply and wait for an email response from our team. Upon approval of your application we will schedule a time to have an orientation meeting with you (this can be done in person or over Skype or Facetime). After orientation we will help you set up your account and membership fee payment plan. After that you can start booking time on the property, and in our songwriting rooms, or if you already have songs ready to record then we will help you book your first studio time!