Membership Services

King David is known as the greatest worshiper of all time. He used to sit for hours playing his harp and writing songs of worship to the Lord in the beauty of God’s creation. Part of the Musician Pool experience is its setting.

Although the Studio itself is an exceptional venue, The Musician Pool offers Members more than just recording services. As a Member, you will have unlimited access to an environment that immerses you in nature’s beauty. You and your Team will be able to come to our 64 acre property whenever you’d like to enjoy the entire property, with its woodlands, meadows and gardens, and lake.

You can take time to come and pursue rejuvenating outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, and fellowshipping around the bonfire.

Your membership also gives you access to professional services that can bring your project to completion.

  • Tracking with Engineer— Your membership will include the services of one of our in-house engineers, as well as tracking of the songs. You are welcome to bring your own engineer, and our in-house engineer will then oversee the use of the equipment and help with any additional questions.
  • Use of our Songwriting Labs – You will have access to two songwriting labs that have the equipment needed to record and perfect your song ideas.

Here are a few policies for the Members:

  • Access to the studio and songwriting rooms must be scheduled in advance, using the scheduling tool on the Musician Pool website.
  • The singer/songwriter will own all rights to his/her compositions, and is free to sell them for his/her own support.
  • The singer/songwriter will agree to allow their Partners to download each new composition free of charge, and to the Musician Pool website for one-time download.
  • Beyond actual production costs, all funds raised through songs sold from the His Musician Pool website will be divided as follows:
    • 60% to the singer/songwriter and team
    • 40% to the Musician Pool to help funding future recordings.

We want to see you, as a singer/songwriter, released into your calling. We believe the unique structure of the Musician Pool will serve as a springboard to your success, and to the building up of the Body of Christ overall.