His Musician Pool serves a community of Christian Songwriters; we are dedicated to provide an environment to record and cultivate creativity. We supply the space and resources to release your music without the pressure of time and finances.

Join the Community.

Collaborate with other songwriters and gain unlimited access to our state-of-the-art facilities.

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Create and prepare your songs in the songwriting room, and record your songs in the studio.

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Get feedback, grow your audience, and network with other artists in our community.

Kevra Testamony
Kevra Powell
Singer, Songwriter

“What I love about His Musician Pool is that it is a place that truly fosters creativity. We were able to take a simple chorus and turn it into something really beautiful and meaningful. We collectively brought our own flair to the song and I am amazed at the final product.”

Dillan Mitchell Testimony Photo
Dillan Mitchell
Worship Leader, Songwriter

“His Musician Pool is an incredible opportunity and community that any worship leader and songwriter would love to be a part of. Between the beautiful land, the high end studio, and wonderful leadership, His Musician Pool is a much needed resource in the house of the Lord.”

Hannah McKibben
Worship Leader, Songwriter

“For us as a worship team, being able to come to this place, have a high-quality studio and be able to record something together without the pressure and the stress of deadlines and money, being able to come for a songwriting retreat, it’s so relaxing and gives the freedom to be creative in our own way. I think for us, just to be able to have this finished product that we all poured our hearts into, we made it together and we can look back on this time and remember.”

JoHanna Bateman
Worship Leader, Songwriter
“There is so much freedom with His Musician Pool for people to just come and be themselves, be authentic and grow together as musicians and songwriters. It is a safe place for people to come and create community.”
Mike Reimer

“I think it’s really important for all musicians, singers and songwriters to know that this is how it should be, this is the right way to write and record songs.”

Dan Lindahl
Dan Lindahl
Singer & Songwriter

“I remember the deep pain of feeling overlooked and alone, as I sat in my basement contemplating all the songs I had written over the course of many years. For a creator, success comes from being able to create, and I was nowhere close to realizing my dream. My pile of songs was just another example of unfinished promise. The first time I heard about His Musician Pool I thought it was too good to be true. There had to be some kind of catch, or maybe I wasn’t quite good enough, or “cool” enough to be considered. There was no catch, and here we are a couple of years later and I can’t describe the joy of creating and sharing in something so personal and wonderful with all of you. His Musician Pool made a dream in my heart a reality and I pray God will bless you deeply through this album that wouldn’t be possible without His Musician Pool.”

Sam Younger
Sam Younger
Coeur de Lion Music
Singer & Songwriter

I’ve been a song writer since I was a kid but until I came to truly know the Lord and actually began to follow him, I lacked the kind of muse which breeds real depth and sincerity. When my music transitioned from sappy teenage love songs into ones that revealed central emotions in my walk with Jesus, both the joy and the struggles, then I began to write lyrics and music worth hearing. I had no means of releasing all of these songs being stored up in my heart other then playing a simple version of them on my acoustic guitar for the occasional friend or family member. I felt called to honor God with my music and to share the gospel in a raw, tangible, human expression but lacked the ability to do so and in my flesh I entered creative despair. I told God that if something were to come of my music it would HAVE to be because of Him because I was ready to give up trying. When I had finally given up my grip on the illusion of control, he opened the door from my surrender and brought His Musician Pool into my life.

My wife and friends recount experiencing me “coming back to life” as I was, for the first time in my life, able to fully express the dammed up flood of music and lyrics through recording and engaging with music in a way I’d yet to experience. More than that, I was for the first time (or at least tangibly feeling it for the first time in my temporal, finite scope on my life) living out the fullness of my calling in the Lord. The feeling was freedom.

I thank God for the gift of His Musician Pool and the earnest perseverance of its staff through immensely arduous and uncertain times because of their faith in a steadfast and certain God. Recording with them was a paramount experience in my growth and education as a musician and artist and one that I will never forget. My album, Tempest, would never have been heard without this amazing ministry for lack of funds. I’m not a wealthy man in money but I’m rich in the Lord and he blessed me by this place. I calculated the cost of what I’d have spent based on hours spent in the studio and the rate that another local studio in town charges. I’d have spent about 30,000 dollars in studio time alone but when everything was said and done, edited, mixed, mastered, and released, I spent under only $3,000 much of which was generously gifted by friends and family wishing my success.

God makes the impossible possible and for the tired, longing, and faithful musician, he’s done it with His Musician Pool.


The bulk of the financial backing to cover these expenses actually comes from individuals who invest as Partners of this effort. We are continuing to build our team of financial partners who will sow into this mandate. As a gesture of gratitude, we want to give these Partners personal access to all of the music that comes out of His Musician Pool. Partnering means that you would be able to download these songs that may have never been able to be recorded otherwise. Our partners truly help to create and release these anointed songs and help these musicians to grow in their calling.

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15663 Graff Drive, Jamestown, MO 65046