Book By the Day

 Daily Booking for Non-Members

If our Musician Pool program isn’t for you and you would prefer to book the studio by the day, here is the information you need:

We have an hourly rate or daily 10-hour rate, both of which include tracking with our in-house

Daily rate: $500 (every additional hour is $45)
Hourly rate: $50/hour (minimum two hours)

A studio musician (drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar) as well as mixing and mastering are
available for an additional fee.
The studio musician fee is calculated in 15 minute increments and to be assessed depending on
the part that is needed.

Rent the Studio and Bring Your own Engineer:

You have the option to rent out our studio and bring your own recording engineer to the studio. The engineer must be trained in protools and submit to the rules of the studio as well as go through a quick protocol rundown with one of our in-house engineers.

Daily rate: $200 (We don’t cover your engineer’s costs)

Our mixing and mastering fees are as follows:

Mixing and Mastering Price per Song: $200.00
Mixing and Mastering Price per 5 songs: $800.00
Mixing and Mastering Price for additional songs after 5: $175.00 per song.
Mixing and Master Price for full length recording 10 – 12 songs: $1,600.00

We would love to help you customize your daily recording experience!

For estimates, booking and more information, please contact us at