Bridge Studio is our large 2400ft2 professional recording studioIt was designed from the ground up with quality sound in mind.

Bridge Studio’s building was completed in 2004 and functioned as a commercial recording studio until 2010 when owners Shannon and Anita heard from the Lord to use the studio to facilitate the recording of worship music at little to no cost.

Our studio features a large live room and two additional ISO rooms The control room is large enough to fit the whole team comfortably enabling team members to work alongside the audio engineers and producers in a relaxed and creative environment.There is also a full kitchen, bathroom, shower, and sleeping area allowing artists and their teams the convenience of staying days at a time to complete their project. 

We record using Pro Tools with our Avid C|24 control surface. Our studio also features a number of in-house instruments, amps, cabinets, and microphones all featured below.

Our Instruments and Amps

Our Microphones:

Our Pre-Amps and Control Room Gear:


The songwriting room is a quiet and private space where musicians can slow down and take time to create. It’s set up with speakers and a few mics for the ability to record scratch tracks, and it is meant as a place of rest for the heart and allowing the mind to peacefully create while disconnected from the stressful pace of life.

The musicians have the option to stay in the songwriting room overnight if they want, with a bathroom and kitchen with fridge available for their use. 

God’s Land

Songwriting can be challenging in the midst of a busy life. Our facilities are located in Central Missouri, between St. Louis and Kansas City, which is an ideal location to carve out time for songwriting and recording, free from distractions. You can book time in our studio, songwriting labs, or simply come to enjoy nature. God’s land offers 64 acres for hiking, camping, swimming, and fishing. It is the perfect place to get away for your daily life and let your creativity flow.

Come with your family, team, or by yourself and stay in the provided lodging on our property, or campout under the stars.

The property that the studio and songwriting room sit on is a large area full of inspiring gardens, flowers and quiet retreat areas. It is meant as a place of restoration for the heart where God can speak through nature and the peace of the surroundings.

Further down there is a large pond where everyone is welcome to go fishing or take a swim, a large bonfire place and grass areas to play team sports. 

All of the land has been named after and consecrated to God as a special place of rest and renewal where He would speak to His children and where they would feel the freedom to create far from the stress and routine of the city.