Meet the Davidsons

Shannon Anita

Shannon and Anita Davidson met in Nashville, Tennessee in 1992 and have pursued music and worship ever since. They built a commercial recording studio in the heart of the Missouri’s countryside. Bridge Studio, which was complete in 2005, serves as Phase 1 of a very big dream: To equip a generation of song writers and worshipers with the ability to record their songs.
Both ¬†Shannon and Anita have felt a burden in their hearts to serve Christian musicians, particularly those who could can’t afford to pay the expensive rates of other recording studios. They believe that God has called them to facilitate the gifting of Christian musicians by helping them to release the songs that He has entrusted to these song writers.
As they continued to press into God with prayer, He led their paths to cross with intercessors from the International House of Prayer. After learning of the vision of the International House of Prayer (IHOP)  and attending an internship there, Anita joined their staff.
In the fall of 2016, the Lord started breathing new life on the vision to record Christian artists at little to no cost. This led to the creation of His Musician Pool in 2017. His Musician Pool will give Christian songwriters a place to record and release the music that is pent up in their hearts. This is an incredible opportunity for song writers to be in a creative environment as they write and create new songs.
Shannon and Anita Davidson currently live in Kansas City where they enjoy the blessing of their oldest son Jamin, Jordan their daughter and their youngest son Noah.